1. What is the difference between female and male mink coats?
Female mink is usally lighter in weight, softer and more supple than male mink. Also female pelts have higher luster.

2. How much should I spend for a good quality fur?
Always buy the best quality fur in your price range. Some factors that determine cost are fur quality, type of fur, craftsmanship, style and the designer label.

3. Is a sheared fur as warm as an unsheared fur?
Yes the underfur is what determines the warmth so if that is the same the shearing will not affect warmth.

4. Does dyeing a fur affect its quality?
Yes, the fur may not be quite as soft as it was in its natural form but the quality difference is very little.

5. Will rain ruin a fur?
Rain will not ruin your fur just hang it in a well ventilated spacious area and let it dry. After it is dry, give the fur a vigorous shake. If your fur gets thoroughly soaked, bring it to an expert who can determine is there is serious damage and repair if for you.

6. What is shearling?
Shearling is natural lamb with the leather side often sueded and dyed. The sueded side is worn on the outside with the fur on the inside.

7. Are long-hair furs warmer than short-hair furs?

No the warmth is determined by the underfur.

8. What can I do with an old fur that I inherited from my mother?

The old fur can be updated into a more modern silhouette making it current and today, or it can be used to make hats, vest, accessories or even fur pillows.

10. How do I respond to those that question my choice to wear fur?

Fur is a natural product that is produced by a responsible, well-regulated industry. People are sometimes mis-informed about the ethics of the fur industry but there are many places where they can be educated on the fur trade. Visit www.truthaboutfur.com for details