Sheared Mink

Mink becomes sheared mink when the more-coarse guard-hair is sheared away leaving only the softer under-fur.  Sheared mink then looks and feels like velvet. Sheared mink is popular because it fits more occasions. Many buyers feel sheared mink is more appropriate for more formal, less formal and even casual occasions. Sheared mink is also sometimes popular because it does not look like fur so with all the fur controversy nowadays it is more discreet.

Sheared mink is light weight yet warm.  Sheared mink is lighter in weight than sheared beaver or BLACKGLAMA® mink and sheared mink is warm except under the most extreme weather when BLACKGLAMA® mink and sheared beaver are warmer.

Many sheared mink styles are reversible to a rainsilk liner or leather.  This 2-way garment can be worn sheared mink side out for formal and less formal occasions, or sheared mink on the inside for warmth in more casual occasions.