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American Legend Cooperative serves to consolidate and market the finest mink in the world.  As a cooperative, American Legend is a business founded, capitalized, owned and operated by mink producers from the United States and Canada. http://www.alcbusiness.com/

The American Mink Council (AMC) is a non-profit organization that represents the interests of U.S. mink producers, who in 1992, became part owners of  North American Fur Auction (USA) Inc. https://amcouncil.com/

Canada Mink Breeders Association (CMBA) is a not for profit association formed in 1952. Its members are Canadian mink farmers that support the Association through a pelt levy on pelts sold at auction. http://www.webtext.ca/canadamink.ca/

Fur Commission USA
Non-profit trade association representing US mink farmers and cooperatives, dedicated to ensure superior standards of animal husbandry and consumer 

Fur Harvesters Auction Inc. (FHA), located in North Bay, Ontario CANADA is the source of the finest Wild Fur for the international fur fashion industry. http://www.furharvesters.com/

Fur.org is a fashion destination and resource that celebrates the versatility, beauty and global love of fur fashion. Fur.org

The Fur Council of Canada is a national, non-profit association representing people working in every sector of the Canadian fur trade, in all regions of the country. http://www.furcouncil.com/

The Fur Institute of Canada is the country’s lead expert on humane trap research and furbearer conservation and is the official trap-testing agency for the Government of Canada and all provincial/territorial governments. http://www.fur.ca/index.php

We Are Fur is passionate about fur and proud to represent such an exciting and diverse trade with a long and rich history. http://www.wearefur.com/

North American Fur Company is the largest fur auction house in North America, and the second largest fur auction in the world. http://www.nafa.ca/



American Rabbit Breeders Association

Canada Mink Breeders AssociationCanada Chinchilla Net

Empress Chinchilla Breeders Cooperative Inc. Nonprofit membership organization chartered by the US Dept. of Agriculture.
Fur Council of Canada

Fur Information Council of America
Fur Institute of Canada
Iowa State Rabbit Breeders Association
Michigan’s Fur Bearing Animal Industry By Richard J. Aulerich, Michigan State University Extension, Ag Experiment Station Special Reports. (July 1998)
National Chinchilla Breeders of Canada
National Rex Rabbit Club (US)
North American Fur Industry Cooperative site through the support of retailers, manufacturers, auction houses and associations.
USDA statistics on mink Industry in the U.S. (PDF format)



American Legend Auctions (formerly Seattle Fur Exchange)
Fur Harvesters Auction Inc.
North American Fur Auctions + NAFA Market Bulletins
Western Canadian Raw Fur Auction Sales Ltd.


Fur Fashion Forums


A brief history of the fur trade, by the White Oak Society, MN.
Canada Hall – The Fur Trade Provided by the Canadian Museum of Civilization Corp.
Deep River Fur Farm Pictorial history of Deep River Fur Farm, founded in 1925 and once one of the largest inSaskatchewan.
Feeding the Fad for Furs Overview of the early fur trade in Oregon, provided by End of the Oregon Trail.
History of the fur trade in Utah From the Utah History Encyclopedia.
Hudson’s Bay Company Archives
Hudson’s Bay Company Gallery and Museum Collection
Mountain Men and the Fur Trade. Devoted to the history, traditions, tools and lifestyle of the trappers, explorers and traders known as the Mountain Men.
Museum of the Fur Trade
Traders in the Midwestern Fur Business
The Fur Trade Period in Indian Territory